Characteristics of A Giant Killer – May ‘16

Last drill I spoke about the Bible story of David and Goliath and what giants reveal about us. All of us have giants, like Goliath, that we need to face and all of us can be like David and defeat them.

  1. Giant killers see potential rewards if they defeat the giant – a wife and no taxesDavid saw the potential and then the problem;
    1. If you want the fruit, you have to get out on the branch; this was courage over fear; he probably was afraid, but motivated by the reward
    2. What are the rewards if you defeat the giant that stands before you?
    3. Oswald Sanders: Eyes that look are common; eyes that see are rare.
  1. Giant killers don’t listen to doubting critics – his brother and the giant.
    1. We must get by the Eliab’s. They are over us emotionally – family, close friends. Criticism hurts… when it comes from someone who is close to us; known us for a long time; questions our motives and ability; it’s continual.
    2. We must get by the Goliath’s. They are over us experientially. Some are immobilized b/c they hear the criticisms of “experts” and think that since they said it then I’ll never be able to do it. Every person who has never killed a giant will tell you it is impossible.
  1. Giant killers deal with giants in a timely manner – 40 days
    1. They don’t allow giant problems to perpetuate, but they deal with them forthrightly.
    2. We become overwhelmed when our giants continually show up and we do nothing. Goliath came every day and he defeated them w/o fighting them. When we don’t deal with giants quickly the 40th day is a lot worse than the 1st. The longer you put it off, the bigger the giant becomes.

Everyone faces giants and everyone can be a giant killer so take courage and take on your giants.