The Wake Behind You, June 2016

When a boat moves through the water it leaves a wake behind it.  Wakes can be fun to a wakeboarder, but they can be dangerous to a kayaker.

Likewise, as we pass through life we leave a wake.  The wake can either be enjoyed by others or it can be disastrous.

There are two sides to our wakes.  There is the professional side.  This is the impact we leave in our work environment.  Would our co-workers say that we have a positive attitude, strong work ethic and are dependable or would they say we are undependable, lack motivation and do not strive for excellence?

The other side of the wake is our personal side.  This is the impact we leave on those closest to us.  Are people’s lives better because of our commitment and love or are their lives a wreck because of our selfishness and unforgiveness?

When people experience your wake, are they saying “Oh boy!: or “Oh no!”?