From My Heart – November 2016

From My Heart, 11.16

Often we take the most basic things for granted. Things like water, love or freedom seem to just exist and we become lax in our appreciation of them. The same is true in our appreciation for Sunday.

For many, Sunday is just another day off. It has taken upon the feel of Memorial Day. We know it’s important, but we go about doing our own thing anyway.

The Bible says much about “keeping the Sabbath holy.” Passages like Ex.20.8-11 and Isa.58.13-14 are very explicit in keeping the day set apart for the Lord. In the New Testament, Christians met on the “Lord’s Day” (Acts 20.7, I Cor.16.2, Rev.1.10). The “Lord’s Day” refers to Jesus’ resurrection, which was the first day of the week.

Now I am not a legalist, and I don’t believe we are under the old covenant obligation to keep the Sabbath the same way the Jews did. We have been liberated from the law and walk in freedom, but my freedom must not be used as an excuse for apathetic behavior either.

So why must the Lord’s Day be a priority?

Every year we celebrate significant days in the life of this nation, such as Independence Day and Thanksgiving. These days are of monumental importance. If what these days represent had not occurred, then who knows where we would be or even if we would be a nation.

But foundational to both is Sunday. For if there had not been a Lord’s Day, then there would not be an Independence Day or Thanksgiving.

On the Lord’s Day we are both remembering the freedom Jesus bought us and rejoicing over His present activity among us. In the natural, creation began on Sunday. In the spiritual, the new creation began on Sunday! Forgiveness, freedom, hope and joy were released that day from an empty tomb.

I don’t know about you, but I think that’s worth getting together weekly and shouting about!

The Lord bless you,

Pastor Scott