From My Heart, May 2017

It has been five years this month that I swore in to the United States military. Thank you for your support and encouragement as I serve our country by meeting the spiritual needs of our airmen. I want to catch you up on some of the recent activity in our Wing.
Colonel Gary Jones is the new Commander of our Wing. He is a resident of Angleton, fighter pilot and descendant of the original colonist of Texas. He is a strong Christian and attends First Assembly of God in Angleton. His wife, Terri Jones, is the Assistant Principal at Angleton Christian School. They have four children. I hope to have Col Jones speak at Willow this year.
Our Wing has been re-tasked from the 147th Reconnaissance Wing to the 147th Attack Wing. We fly the Predator, which is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), in conflict zones around the world. Beginning this summer, we will transition to the Reaper UAV which is a bigger aircraft that carries a much larger payload. Most people don’t know that all Air Force UAV operations are run by the Air National Guard, not the Active Air Force.
In August, Ellington Field will celebrate 100 years of military service. The military began training pilots at the base to serve in World War I. It is a bit ironic that currently we have work crews digging up unexploded bombs dating back to WW I. Our Explosive Ordinance Team showed me a terra cotta bomb they unearthed during the excavation work.
We are ending a deployment cycle this month. Approximately 300 of the 1000 airmen were deployed from October through April to fill in Active Duty slots all around the world. Most were stationed in the Middle East and they were taking the fight to ISIS. Our deployment cycles are every four to six years and last six months.
God gives me opportunities to minister to individual and groups of airmen each month. I am assigned to four squadrons and one Group. I speak at their Roll Calls and usually address a relationship issue. I typically visit personally with 30 airmen a weekend. The time goes by quick.
The thing I love is that I am an active witness for Jesus to a group of people who have very few dedicated Christians in their lives. There are many strong believers in our Wing, but for the most part, few airmen have ongoing contact with a spiritual leader.
When a personal or faith based need occurs they reach out to me. Just this past month, an airman approached me and essentially said, “What must I do to be saved?” I was literally there to catch this spiritual babe as she was born into the Kingdom of God.
At times I wonder about my impact and this past drill it was brought home. We had a Family Day the last half of Sunday and many brought their families and everyone dressed casually. I could hardly sit down for lunch because so many people wanted to introduce me to their families and have me pray for them about a special need. It was incredible.
Thank you Willow for allowing me to serve those who serve our nation!
Pastor Scott