Willow Involvement Steps
It’s often overwhelming when you begin attending a church to know how to get connected. We developed these steps to better facilitate that process. We aren’t suggesting you must do all the “First Steps” before you do the “Second Steps” or the “Second” before the “Third.” Rather, these steps are a pathway to involvement, which can be walked at your own pace and in your own order.

First Steps

  • Attend a Worship Service
  • Attend one rotation of Foundations For Christian Living on Wednesday nights. FCL is our school year adult discipleship ministry. We offer Alpha, Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, Breakthrough and Healing 101. Watch the bulletin or website for the next rotation.
  • Attend the Newcomer’s Class. This class describes the vision, values and beliefs of the church. It is a prerequisite to membership and is offered once a month.
  • Subscribe to the “Church Update.” It is an email based church newsletter that normally addresses special needs and opportunities for service. Contact joyce@wdbc.net to subscribe.
  • Find a place to volunteer in the church.

Second Steps

  • Continue attending a Worship Service
  • Reach out to your friends and invite them to attend with you.
  • Commit to an ABF and/or small group.
  • Become a member of the church.
  • Find a place of ongoing service in or outside the church – Preschool, Childrens, Youth, Adult, Prayer, Worship or Service ministries. The Ministry Booklet has a listing of current ministries.
  • Begin to regularly tithe.
  • Regularly participate in spiritual retreats or conferences to deepen your walk in Christ: Emmaus Walk, Men’s Retreat, Women’s Retreat, church-wide conferences.

Third Steps

  • Lead or start a ministry in or outside the church. Talk with a Leadership Team representative about your ideas.
  • Participate in a mission trip.
  • Work with the Leadership Team in finding places in the community, state or world where the church might partner and develop a strategy to transform it.
  • Special needs. These are typically one time events that happen throughout the year. Watch the bulletin.